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Word Ending Block Game
Find it Here:
1.5"Wooden Craft Blocks
Craft Paint
Sharpie Marker or
Paint Pen
Learning grammar and spelling
doesn't have to be boring!  Try these
eight ideas in your own classroom to
spice things up a bit. Most of these
games are made with resources you
can find around the house.
These math resources are easy to make
and use free or cheap resources you
can find around the house.  This is a
great way to build your hands on math
resources without breaking the bank!
This game is great for children who are learning basic phonics and early
reading skills.  Children match up letter blocks to word-ending blocks to create
new words.  Keeping score for each assembled word makes this a fun and
engaging activity for multiple children.
 Find free
Word Family Printables on our sister site
Word Family Printables
Word Families are a group of words with the same ending.  
For example cat, rat, mat, hat, bat are all part of the "at"
word family.  Learning about word families is a key part of

learning to read.  Children can pick up on patterns and
rhyming sounds very quickly which in turn lends to reading  
confidence and success.

Making Words
Making words is a great way to teach phonics and
spelling. In these lessons, students incorporate cutting
skills, writing skills and manipulation of letters, a total work-
out if you will.
More FREE Word Family Resources
Step 3
Start painting your blocks.
Step 2
Choose colored paints which are
complementary to black marker showing
through.  (We also used a paint pen)
Step 1
Choose how many blocks you want for
your game.  We are using 6 word
ending blocks, and 3 letter blocks.
Step 4
Since we have three different colors
we're going to paint each color on the
two sides opposite each other.
Step 5
Ad your final color.  Your blocks should
now look pretty cute!
Step 6
Write a different word ending on each
face of the cube.
Step 7
Write different consonants on each of the
blocks.  It took three blocks to get most of
the letters (no X, Q or Z in our game)
Time to Play!
Have children shake the cubes and roll
for their turn.  Then have them arrange
the blocks to make as many words as
they can. As children form the words, let
them add up their score.  If they miss a
word you can help them too!
All Done!
Ready, Set, Roll a Word!
Shop around for your wooden blocks,
there are discount craft stores that
might have them much cheaper!
Storage Idea:
We found these great boards at the
Dollar Tree that work perfectly for a
storage container.