Step-by-Step Tutorial
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And as they plant their gardens, they will
dig into the Bible so they can grow in Christ
as they grow their plants! Free plantable
Bookmark included with each book.
Click Here
Christian Kids Gardening Guide
Learn all abou t plants with these
download friendly resources.  Choose
from a variety of ebooks to help round
out your unit on Plants.
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Find it Here:
All About Plants
Small Clay Saucers
Puff Paint
Paint Pens
Jumbo Popsicle Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Children can use these Garden crafts to bring a little personalization to their own gardens, whether they have a farm or
a small container garden to work with.  Many of these crafts can go alongside key gardening ideas, such as
composting, fertilization, spacing, and plant knowledge in general.  If you'd like your child to keep a journal, check out
our free
Garden Lapbook on our sister site.
We made the beautiful clay pot remember what
we planted in each pot.  If you want these to last
use something more sturdy then a popsicle stick,
you might use a metal garden stake. These made
it through about one season with the sun so they
ended up more of a craft project then useful for
marking plants.
Clay Pot Garden Markers
Step 1
Gather your Clay Pot Saucers.  You can
purchase these at most Craft Supply
Stores, or even Walmart.  Clean and Dry
Step 2
Use your Hot Glue Gun to attach the
Jumbo Popsicle Stick to the back of the
Step 3
Use your Puffy Paint to draw in pictures of the
different fruits and vegetables you'll be
growing in your garden.  This is for Tomatoes
(see other suggestions below)
Step 4
Use your colored gemstones to add some
color in to represent the different fruits and
vegetables.  (We snagged
Step 5
Use a paint pen, or a garden marker to
write in the name of the plant.
All Done!
Take you're beautiful Garden Markers and
add them to your garden!  Make below for
more design ideas
Sweet Pea
Make a pea pod with the puffy paint,
then add in some green gemstones for
the little peas.  Super Cute!
Make a yellow flower top, and a curvy
green squash at the bottom.
If you're growing flowers, you can use
any colors to make the blossoms.
Using different sized purple and pink (or
white) gemstones, make little lavender
buds in the shape of triangles.