Step-by-Step Tutorial
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Find it Here:
Variety of Flat Rocks
(we used a hot glue gun)
Fun ideas for enhancing your lessons on the Inuit tribes of North America.  These are great for children of all ages and
you'll find recommended reading to pair alongside the themed activities.  We made an
Inuit Lapbook and a few Arctic
File Folder Games to go alongside our learning!  
Inukshuk are important not only for cultural significance,
but are depended on for survival in the harsh Arctic
weather.  These stone Inuksuk are fun for children to
make, and are wonderful opportunities for personal
creativity to shine through.
Inukshuk Craft for Kids
Step 1
Gather your rocks and let children explore different ways they want to build their
Inuksuk.  My children will be gluing their rocks down, but older children might enjoy the
balancing act of building their Inuksuk as an actual structure.
  • Talk with children about the living conditions in the Arctic.
  • Show them photos of a variety of Inuksuk.  (You can find
    beautiful photos in the books on the right, or even google
    image search it)
  • Ask them to brainstorm what the purpose of these tall statues
    could be?
  • Watch this short, but informative video on Inuksuk.
  • While children are building their Inuksuk ask them what the
    purpose of theirs will be?  Will it mark a good fishing hole?  Is
    it going to represent a person?  Will there be a window to view
    another Inksuk?
Step 4
Continue gluing your rocks down one at a
Step 2
Once you've decided on the shape of
your Inuksuk, help the children glue it
down to the cardboard.
All Done!
When your Inuksuk is finished
you can display it proudly in
your classroom!  These look
beautiful in black frames with
the glass removed.
Extra Learning:
Ask children to look carefully at the
shape of their Inuksuk.  Did it end up
looking like a person? If so, it is called
something else.....
Mik-Shrok Adventures of An Arctic Missionary
How can they work with the Eskimos when they don't know the country and can't speak
the language? If only they had a dog team, Steve thinks, they could haul their own
wood and water and perhaps travel to other villages. He and Liz pray for a good team
of huskies, and the Eskimos watch to see what the white man's God will do. For ages
Click Here for Details.