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Stick Frame Craft
Children love to display their
artwork, or even give them as
gifts to friends and family.  
Make these easy stick picture
frames to make their art stand
out as something special!
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Various Sticks and
Small Branches
Yarn or String
Hot Glue
Artwork or Photo
Crafty Discussion
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Stick Frame Craft
Craft Instructions
Lesson Expansion
Be "crafty" with your craft time and explore key
concepts with your children while you create!
When children learn about trees you can incorporate seasonal
themes as well as nature themes.
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  • Go on a Nature walk, and while
    exploring the trees in your area,
    collect a handful of small twigs and
  • On what day did God make trees?
  • Why are trees important to sustain
  • What trees are in our area (state,
    city, and even our yard?)
  • How can we take care of the trees,
    and be responsible with what God
    has given us?
Step 1
Break ten of them to a larger size,
Choose twenty of your best twigs.  
and ten of them to a smaller size.  
(You don't have to use this many
sticks, ours were pretty thin, so we
needed a few)
Step 2
Take 5 short sticks, and 5 long
sticks.  Bundle them together, create
an "X" and tie your frame together
with the yarn.  Tuck the end of the
yarn piece into the bundle.
Step 3
With the other 5 long sticks, create
an "X" at the other end of the small
sticks.  (see photo)  Do your best to
keep them straight and even, but
don't worry to much about it because
it looks better with that natural look.
Step 4
Finish off your frame by adding the
last bundle of small sticks.  Wiggle
your frame around a bit, making
sure it's secure, and kinda straight.
Step 5
After you create your frame, cut a
piece of cardboard to fit as the back
of the frame.  If you like you can
decorate the cardboard before you
glue it on, or if you'd like to be able
to change the artwork every now
and then, leave it blank as a
Step 6
Using a Hot Glue Gun, mount the
cardboard to the back of the picture
frame at the four corners.
We put the dabs of glue directly
over the yarn, and it worked pretty
All Done!
Add your artwork to the frame.  You
can slide it in the top, or even glue
it directly to the cardboard.