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Making an American Government notebook is
a great project you can do with children of any
age.  Use them as a buildable resource, adding
new facts and resources each year as you study
about our great Nation.  We have some great
printables to help you organize your notebook.
U.S. Government Notebooking
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Recommended Resource Books:
Notebooking is a hands-on way to teach children about ANY topic!  We
have recently added many notebooks to our personal homeschool, and
have found the methods to work wonderfully for multiple ages and topics.   
If you'd like to learn more about Notebooking check out this e-book by
Jimmie at
The Notebooking Fairy.
Make our nation’s history come alive and help build students’
reading fluency with this great collection of non-fiction mini-
books! Topics include: the Statue of Liberty, Capitol Building,
Liberty Bell, Declaration of Independence, Star-Spangled
Banner, and many more! With each mini-book, teachers will
find background information, creative learning activities, and
literature links. For use with Grades 2-3.
These printable pages would make great dividers for your
American Government notebook.  Print them on cardstock paper,
or insert into plastic sleeves for durability.  As you study about our
Nation you can add pages into each category.

American Government Title Page
The Excutive Branch
The Judicial Branch
The Legislative Branch
The Constitution
American Covernment Notebooking Covers
Here are some helpful sheets where children
can store key facts about the U.S. Senate.  
Have children learn about your state senators
and glue photos in the appropriate places.

My State Senators Notebooking Sheet
Senators Fact Sheet
Here are printable fact sheets for the 2012
Presidential Nominees.  For additional
nominees and future years, I've provided a
blank sheet, and for non-election years you
could use the Presidential Fact sheet.

Presidential Nominee Obama
Presidential Nominee Romney
Presidential Nominee Blank
President Fact Sheet
Presidential Nominee Fact Sheet
Here are some helpful sheets where children
can store key facts about the U.S. House of
Representatives.  Have children learn about
your district and glue photos in the appropriate
places.  Try to find a district map so children
can see what areas in your county are covered.

My Representatives
House of Representatives Fact Sheet
theme. This is a great opportunity for
children to write about the Judicial system,
or even include some very important
Amoments in U.S. History that were
decided upon by Judges.  Young children
can use  few notebooking pages with a
Judical these for creative writing with
characters who present their case.

Notebooking Page 1
Notebooking Page 2
Notebooking Page 3
We've also got some great printables to help
children learn our National Anthem!  Be sure
to check them out and include these in your
File Folder Games are a great way to
include some interactive activities within your
notebook.  Find these games FREE on our
Sister Site FileFolderFun.com.
Wondering what else we have?  Check out
all of our Notebooking printables and
resources here.