Star Spangled Banner Printable Visuals
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Find it Here:
8 Page Visual Printables
Copywork Sheet
Lyric Notebooking Page
Songs of America
The Star Spangled Banner
Do you want your little ones to learn our National
Anthem?  Our notebooking printables for The Star
Spangled Banner can help children learn the
quicker with visual representations alongside the
text for each part of the song.
Star Spangled Banner Visuals
We found a great Christian CD that is filled
with Patriotic songs sung by children. It's
Songs of America by Cedarmont
Kids and it's quite inexpensive on Amazon
for the entire CD. The song is slow paced
The visuals in this book are amazing
and really help children to
understand what the song is really
about.  It covers three verses with
pictures (including the final verse,
"In God we Trust"
Click Here
The Star-Spangled Banner Visuals
The Star Spangled Banner Minibook
This is a printable minibook for children to take
home their own copy of The Star Spangled
Banner.  The visuals are the same so they can
practice at home or during class when singing
together as a group.  You will need one sheet per
student, and you can see
how to assemble these
This is a printable copywork sheet for children to
work on beginning cursive skills.  This includes the
entire first verse of The Star Spangled Banner.  
Children who already show cursive skills can copy
the verse onto their own blank sheet of paper.
This is a simple notebooking sheet children
can add to their binders.  It's a great way to
keep the lyrics fresh in their minds
For older children, here is a thematic
notebooking sheet they can use to copy The
Star Spangled Banner or any other patriotic
A simple coloring page for The Star Spangled
Banner.  Children can color the stars and
stripes of the flag and read the entire fist verse
of the National Anthem.